Lewis "Chesty" Puller - Detachment 1396 - Marine Corps League



From The Commandant: William K. Owens

To all Marines and associate members

     2022 is here, our Marine Corps League Meetings have moved to our new location at the Mooresville American Legion Post 103. This is
a non-smoking area. Meetings will be held the 1st Wednesday of every month at 19:00 hrs.
Let's all get involved.

    As a reminder, all members in good standing are encouraged to attend the regular monthly meetings as well as volunteer your time during special
events that support our cause, which is to help those in need in our community and those who seek our help in the cause of humanity. Your participation is paramount to our success!

    This is a reminder of our meeting on 1st Wednesday of the month, at 19:00 hours at American Legion Post 103.
Agenda: New Business, New Members, Old Business, Good of the League, Report of previous actives and upcoming fundraisers.
This is also our night for a Raffle, volunteers are needed prior to the meeting (18:00 hrs.). Contact Chuck Jarvis at the Legion.
There will be a short Staff Meeting after the regular meeting, includes Commandant, Sr. Vice, Jr. Vice, Adjutant, Judge Advocate

    This is not what we want to happen with our League, remember adapt, improvise and overcome. We don't just quit!
Our Marine Corp League should be looked up to & others should strive to achieve the same recognition! That's being a Marine!
Semper Fi!

William K. Owens/Commandant

From The Paymaster: Willma Lee

Hello Marines,

     I report our finances are good. I am not able to do as before, working and other circumstances have prevailed.
Fund raising should be a major priorty for the next few months as to allow for events we wish to pursue. New ideas are always welcome.
We need to have an open mind to new suggestions and be sure we show appreciation to all who donate not just monetarily, also those who donate time and material.

     Well now is the time to think about all those in need and try to go the extra mile for our community and fellow veterans.
Bring us new ideas, get more sponsors, start working on ways to bring up our fundraising to maximize our potential and keep moving forward with the motivation of the Marines we are!

Semper Fidelis
Thank You


From The Chaplain: Christy Carter

     Almighty God, We praise thee and ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
Keep us focused on your light and word, make our path toward righteousness straight,
Remove the temptations so our feet do not stumble, Cleanse us, we pray, from all our
sins, and restore us to the light of your glory as we have seen in in the face of Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen

     Please keep our brothers & sister in harmsway in your prayers.


Jerome (Jerry) Givens

John Heil

All members who wish to help with the Tip Boards & Raffles this month, report to the American Legion Post 103 by 1400 hrs. on the Tip Boards & Raffles nights.

Thanks for your participation.

Wednesday May. 4th: Business Meeting;
1930 hrs, American Legion Post 103 - Pavilion
Social Before & After

Wednesday May. 11th:Detachment 1396 Social
American Legion Post 103

Wednesday May. 18th:Detachment 1396 Social
American Legion Post 103

Wednesday May. 25th: Detachment 1396 Social
American Legion Post 103

Lewis "Chesty" Puller - Detachment 1396 - Marine Corps League